Our Cars

Best Auto, LLC has a fully-equipped shop to professionally prepare our vehicles for sale. Once you find your dream car at Best Auto, LLC we want to make sure your dream lasts so we put each car through an 81-point check to make sure that all services are up to date. We've got state-of-the-art MINI/BMW diagnostic equipment and a the professional staff to use it. We're the only MINI specialty dealer in southwestern Oregon an we're be happy to answer questions about your MINI, even after the sale. Our MINIman Wayne is not just a certified mechanic, he's also one of the owners of Best Auto, LLC. We like MINI's and it shows! We're active in several MINI fan forums & groups. We're a family-owned business and you'll find the owners Wayne & sister Liz involved in all aspects of buying, preparing and selling Best Auto, LLC's cars so you can be sure you're getting a great deal on a great car from someone that has a vested interest in your satisfaction. We put a combined 50+ years of experience to work for you.

Our experience doesn't end with MINI's. We pride ourselves in finding and selling good quality used cars for people on a budget that just need a reliable car to get to work or school. We take pride in finding, fixing and selling good low-priced used cars as part of our business. We understand every person's situation is unique and we do what we can to make it easier for you to buy the car you need. We will happily work with your lender... be it a bank, credit union or financing company. We also accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, postal money orders, bank/certified checks and the occasional trade. We also offer service contracts (extended warranties) on most of the vehicles we sell. That way you won't have unexpected repair expenses after spending your hard-earned money on a used vehicle.


Our Dealership

At Best Auto, LLC we love MINI's and cars in general. (Motorcycles & quads, too). We are licensed, bonded and insured Oregon Motor Vehicle dealers, so you know you're protected. We have passed the state's rigorous training, licensing and continuing education requirements. Ask us why this makes a difference to you and we'll be happy to explain.


We Offer Less

We're proud to offer less: less hassle, less overhead, less paperwork, less drama, LOWER PRICES and NO PRESSURE. You're probably wondering why we are in an off-the-beaten-path location. It's so we can offer you the lowest price possible. We don't have the high overhead that comes with a big "flags & streamers" lot location. We have a small staff... frankly the owners do most of the work themselves. We don't have commission salespeople that are just trying to make the most money possible off of you. You'll deal directly with one of the Best Auto, LLC owners if you want to buy a car, not someone that may not be there next week. We take pride in making sure you have a positive experience and get the best possible price on a car.


Need MINI parts?

Contact us if you're having trouble finding the parts you need. We have common service items in stock. If you are looking for something we don't have in stock, we have accounts set up with numerous OEM, aftermarket & used suppliers.

Best Auto, LLC

Draper Valley Rd
Selma OR 97538
USA 541-215-8487

Liz's Blog

You'll find our occasional blog posts here. From buying your first car to buying a special MINI, we're here to help.

MINI questions answered here

Please feel free to send me your MINI questions. I'll do what I can to get you an answer. Anything from chasing down an annoying squeak or rattle to finding a place to buy MINI parts. You can check out the answers here.